My Life In A Nutshell…

My life has been crazy for the past year…a year full of changes! In the past year I started my last year of college, got engaged, ran a marathon, graduated from college, ‘retired’ from being a waitress, got a new job (that doesn’t require serving ungrateful…bbq eatin’…well you get the point) got married and went on an amazing honeymoon! Hard to believe this could all happen in only 365 days!! Here are some pictures to prove it 🙂

Brian proposed in his living room! Our dog Sally isn’t a very good photographer…so we had to rein-act it.

We decided to train for a marathon. We obviously aren’t looking our finest in this picture, but after 26.2 miles…there is only so much you can do!

I graduated with a degree in Marketing and a minor in International Business and Sports Management. And I am currently a personal secretary…..

I married my best friend on May 22, 2010


Emily & Emilia…?

So over the weekend I watched the movie ‘Julie & Julia’ for the first time, which made me start thinking I needed to blog (but not about food, that would be a disaster.) Then I talked to my friend Nina who blogs –>( which made me want to blog even more!! So while I sit here bored at work (shhhh don’t tell my boss =] ) I created one. Hopefully soon I can spruce it up a bit…but for now this plain white screen with words is it!