Why I’ve Been Gone

I went to Washington D.C. to visit my sister with my mom! We had LOTS of fun, and did lots of touring…here are a few pictures from my trip…..

We had to take the metro everywhere…and there are lots of rules to follow…like don’t look at anyone, don’t make a noise, stay to the right when on an escalator…or you will get run over 🙂

We are standing in the middle of D.C. in this picture…well it WAS the middle of D.C. before the perimeter of D.C. was changed

This is my sister and I in front of the Lincoln memorial!

I looked like your typical tourist with a camera around my neck!

In front of the White House!!


We went to the American History Museum and got to see the ruby red slippers from the Wizord of OZ!


It was a fun trip! It was nice to hang out with my sister and mom (and brother in law)!



In a previous blog, I talked about my red chair that I painted to an upcoming photo shoot, and last night I finally got to use it!! However, the pictures with the chair were not my favorite, but here are a few that we took:I still have LOTS more to edit and play with…but those are a FEW of my favorite!

October :)

October is my FAVORITE month! Although….I do say that about every month…but for right now October is my fav! Probably because the weather is fantastic…and well MY BIRTHDAY! Perfect weather makes me feel crafty…why? Who knows!?! 🙂 But I decided to buy an old wooden chair at an antique store so I could paint it and use it for an upcoming photo shoot with a friend! So I put in a chick flick, opened every window and door in the house and painted! I tried to make it look rustic…but that didn’t turn out so well! But hopefully I will be able to use it in many future “photo shoots”

I also love October because of the decorations!  Last weekend I went to the pumpkin patch with some friends (mainly for a photo-op with a 4 month old….but I think I had more fun than her)

Thats all for now….I hope your having a wonderful day! 🙂