Why I’ve Been Gone

I went to Washington D.C. to visit my sister with my mom! We had LOTS of fun, and did lots of touring…here are a few pictures from my trip…..

We had to take the metro everywhere…and there are lots of rules to follow…like don’t look at anyone, don’t make a noise, stay to the right when on an escalator…or you will get run over 🙂

We are standing in the middle of D.C. in this picture…well it WAS the middle of D.C. before the perimeter of D.C. was changed

This is my sister and I in front of the Lincoln memorial!

I looked like your typical tourist with a camera around my neck!

In front of the White House!!


We went to the American History Museum and got to see the ruby red slippers from the Wizord of OZ!


It was a fun trip! It was nice to hang out with my sister and mom (and brother in law)!


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