Nothing New November

When my husband and I got married….we made plans for our future. They included travel plans, financial plans, career plans…well you get the point. We decided to say a certain amount of money…in case of emergencies. We are so close to our goal…that Brian decided we should live November as cheaply as possible.

I am calling it ‘NOTHING NEW NOVEMBER’. We are NOT allowed to buy new clothes, we can’t eat out, and we are living on a strict budget. AND I was FINALLLLY getting used to the idea of NO NEW CLOTHES when I get an email from old navy, mail from new york and company, and my sister sent me a link to some CUTE boots she thought I should buy. (p.s. she even knew about NNN…and she still sent me the link, isn’t she sweet?)


Well I am determined I will survive this month…and be successful in saving money! But hopefully this month will go by fast 🙂


One thought on “Nothing New November

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