Holiday Traditions

Every year my mom sends and receives hundreds of Christmas cards (maybe not hundreds…but it seems that way). One of my favorite things to do as a kid was rip open all the envelopes to look at the cards. Some were homemade, some just had Santa on them, or the Nativity scene, but I always LOVED the ones with pictures of the family that sent it. I LOVE PICTURES!

Now that I am all grown up and married, I finally get to send out Christmas cards from my new little family (and of course they will have pictures). However, when it comes to the layout of the card, I need help from the professionals!!

Shutterfly provides many card options for many holidays! Here are a few that I love!

Christmas Card <– This is a link to one of Shutterfly’s many great Christmas Cards! I love this one because it provides room for TWO pictures and a section to write great things about your 2010 year! I had a lot of exciting things happen this year, so this would be perfect for me!

Christmas Flat Photo Card <– This link takes you to a great Flat Photo Card. These are so affordable and they give you so many options to choose from! This is one of my favorites, its very colorful and just plain cute!

Thanksgiving <– I know we still have to get through thanksgiving before we can get ready for Christmas! (Even though I have been listening to Christmas music a few times) But Shutterfly offers some great thanksgiving cards too!! This one is so great, it screams FALL!!!

So when you are thinking about Christmas cards…you MUST consider Shutterfly!! They have lots of great options and great prices…and even better they are having a sale RIGHT NOW!

Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards

Make sure you check them out!

Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!!


P.S. I get 50 free cards in exchange for blogging about Shutterfly!



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