Nothing New November = Unexpected Expenses

Why doesn’t money grow on trees? I mean I guess if it did we wouldn’t get the satisfaction of knowing that we worked hard for it…or as my husband likes to say “I bring home the paper!!” (insert rolled eyes here)

So this month we decided to save money. We call it “Nothing New November,” and I was so excited to get closer to our savings goal!! Then it all started….the unexpected expenses.


After MONTHS AND MONTHS of Brian avoiding putting new tires on his truck, they finally gave out so we had to buy 4 new tires… $$$$$

After YEARS AND YEARS of not going to the dentist, Brian decided it was time…which  meant cavities needed to be filled $$$$

And finally, after convincing Brian that he needed to go to the doctor for a pain he was having, he did which turned into tests being ran which turned into $$$$

So I found myself obsessing over the fact that the money we had planned on saving up was gone. The goal we were so close to reaching, is now just a little farther away, and that was (is) very frustrating.

But after my wonderful husband knocked some sense into me, I realized what an idiot I am!

What a blessing that all these things happened in November! Even though the money we are saving on not eating out and not buying new things isn’t going into a savings account, it is allowing us to go on with this month without a worry, not having to take a bit of money out of savings to pay for these things!

So I guess the point of my long, drawn out story is….GOD IS GOOD! 🙂


One thought on “Nothing New November = Unexpected Expenses

  1. Yes, it is hard when unexpected things come up. But just be so thankful that you actually have money to spend on those items. I know there are lots of families/people who simply would not be able to afford those items (or put them on their credit cards that already have high balances). That’s great that it didn’t “break the bank” so the speak. 🙂

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