be crafty

I know I know…its not even Thanksgiving yet…but you have to get started on Christmas presents early….right?

Why not make something…its much cheaper..much more fun…and more meaningful..or I like to think that to make myself feel better about it 🙂

Here are a few things I have made for people…or just for myself.

I painted this sign one summer during college when I was really bored!

I got this chair from and antique store, painted it and made that flower out of material (a friend showed me how to make it…its super easy) and just hot glued it to a pillow!

I love to scrapbook! These are just a few pages I have put together.

I made this for Brian 🙂 The board was just scraps from an old house…and paint was 50 cents..super easy and cheap!

I love these words from Hobby Lobby, you just slap on some paper…tie a few bow and wala! You have a great gift!


Same goes for this, just paint…add some bows and flowers…and its simple and cute!


What is something you have made for a gift?


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