Play a love song…

I grew up playing the piano…I would hardly even say I am good at it. I only practiced once a week…. 5 minutes before my lesson. However, playing the piano is quite soothing…it is a cool feeling knowing that with your fingers your playing something beautiful…or at least its somewhat appealing.

5 months before our wedding I had the great idea to learn how to play the song ‘Everything’ by Michael Bublé

I planned to play it at our wedding as a surprise to Brian. So for the next few months I practiced every day…every chance I got. If I was hanging out at Brian’s…I always had an excuse to leave early so I could practice more. (He started getting suspicious when I said “I have to got home…to um…vacuum“)

So the night of our wedding rehearsal I was getting sooo nervous about it…I was sick to my stomach! So my girls and I kicked everyone out of the church and I practiced over and over again. I finally decided that I would play it for Brian when we first saw each other on our big day!

Here are a few pics

Then I also played it during the ceremony!


I guess the point of this lonnnng story is that because I played at my wedding, our music pastor wants me to play for offering at church one Sunday this month. And I JUST “tried out” and I was more nervous and worried about doing that than playing at my own wedding!

But I passed the test! I get to play “What Child is This” on December 12th…so I better get to practicing!


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