One year ago today, Brian Warwick asked me if I would marry him! 🙂

Here is the story:

On December 9, 2009, a Wednesday evening, Brian and I went to Hideaway for dinner. After dinner we went back to his house, when I told him I was leaving to go study with Alyssa. After seeing the ‘are you kidding me?!’ look on his face, Brian says, “If I propose will you stay?” I just laughed and left to go study!

After Alyssa and I had studied at Aspen, I went back to Brian’s house, and was immediately greeted with hugs and kisses at the door! I remember him telling me how much he loves and is thankful for me, and I thought “Why is he telling me all this right now? Oh well, whatever, I love him too!” We somehow got on the topic of him proposing. Because he doesn’t like the traditional or elaborate proposals, I told him “I at least want you to get down on one knee!!” He slowly walked me towards ‘our chair’, got down on one knee, reached underneath the couch for the ring box and said, “You mean, like this?” I started screaming with excitement as he opened the lighted box, which was all I could see with the lights off in his living room! Brian then asked “Will you marry me?” and of course I said, “YES!!”

I am so thankful and blessed to have found such a wonderful guy!


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