Just some ‘Logotypes’

I have been playing around with some ‘logostypes’. Which one do you like?


sneak peak

In my photography class this past tuesday we had some ‘models’ come in so we could practice our studio lighting skills. Mine are still not so wonderful…BUT I am learning! Here are a few shots from class.

Susie- A Brave Soul

Last week at my photography class we worked on indoor lighting and studio lighting. This was my first experience with this kind of photography! It was a lot of fun. Our model was great too. She had never let anyone take pictures of her like this before. Imagine 10 people taking pictures of you at the same time! Sheeeesh! Talk about stressful!

Here are a few shots from the day!

A Crafty Weekend

The weather was PERFECT this weekend! And my hubby had to work a lot…so I either spent my time outside or crafting!


I made this sign a long time ago with a different ‘font’ and didn’t like it! So over the weekend I just simply repainted it! 🙂

This used to be a board that had flowers and quotes on it. It has been in our bedroom for forever, but just didn’t really match. So I just “scrap-booked” over it!

I painted “Warwick” on an old wood panel and Brian suggested I hang it by our door. However, it was too big! So I just made another one on a piece of wood I got at Hobby Lobby! I love it!

I hope you had a great weekend!

a few crushes I have

I saw another blog do this (eighteen25). You post some crushes that you have – Just random things that we are crushing on at the moment!

Main Crush

My hubby and princess dog (I know- I am ridiculous), Sally!


Blog Crush

the anderson crew

A Beautiful Mess


Cookie Crush

It is girl scout cookie time!

Tagalongs are my ABSOLUTE favorite!! Thin mints are a close second!


Clothing Crushes

I love this dress…and just about anything from forever 21

Restaurant Crush

The Cheesecake Factory

Hideaway! I could eat there everyday!

Dessert Crush


Chocolate cake! I could eat it all day everyday!!!


Better late than never…

Tonight, me and the hubby are FINALLY celebrating Valentines Day. We have been so busy/sick that we had to postpone it.

But first…look at this wonderful card Brian scrap-booked for me!

He made it alll by himself! (I did have to show him where my scrapbook stuff was…and how to use a few things) I love it! 🙂

Tonight we are going to my favorite place! Can you guess….???


Since we have been together, we have always gone to The Cheesecake Factory for VDay!

VDay 2010 (about to head to CF)

VDay 2009 (At CF)

And for VDay 2008 (we weren’t dating yet) he made me a rose out of legos! Ill upload a picture later!

What are YOUR Vday traditions?