I am so mad at myself. My friend sent me a link to this blog that was giving away something amazing. Basically all the tools I need to become the photographer I someday want to become. All I had to do was make a video talking about why I think I deserve this opportunity. After I began trying to figure out what kind of video I would create…I started to panic! I mean there are so many more deserving, more talented, more intelligent people who probably deserve this more than me…and of the 1000’s of people who would apply, why on earth would I get chosen?

Today, I realized only 100 people applied. ONLY 100! I could have been part of that 100 if I would have just been brave enough to try! Who cares if I didn’t get picked…I mean I have more of a chance to BE picked if I actually would have applied! UGH

OK, OK enough complaining. I decided I would follow the blog anyways and work on the assignments the winners are given by myself.


Take two self-portraits.

One of you, one of something that represents you! So since I am about to be snowed in my house (once again) my snow day will consist of self-portraits. We will see how that will go :/

I guess you could consider this a self-portrait. I love this picture because my hubby (at the time, just a friend) took this picture. We were hanging out..just driving around and it was then we he motivated me to take my first photography class! I have a LONG way to go..but im so excited for what the future holds!


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