Have you heard of The Vintage Pearl?

They have FABULOUS jewelry and stuff! Well today they are having a giveaway and I WANT TO WIN! πŸ™‚

Butttt….I guess you can try to win to…head on over to their blog and sign up! πŸ™‚

the vintage pearl



I graduated with a degree in Marketing…so you would think “marketing” myself would be easy, right? WRONG. For some reason I find it terribly hard to ‘market’ myself when it comes to my photography!

I came across a blog today that had lots of ideas for marketing (info sheets, business cards, letter heads…etc)

So instead of working HARD at…well…work…I decided to make a “info sheet.” I am still working on the info…but this is one side of the card. Bare with me…I am NOT a professional at these things.

Business Card

I have been playing around with some different business card designs. I have never made a business card…so the first few were a little rough! But here are the ones I made.

I think I like the last one theΒ  most!

What do you think?

Spring, Green and Portraits

Its hard to believe that its been a year since I was wedding planning, going to showers, taking Bridal portraits…etc. It was all so exciting and so much fun! Spring is my FAVORITE season! I love how everything turns green and flowers are blooming and the weather is…well…perfect!

I took my Bridal pictures at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, Ok. Now a year later (well almost) I scheduled for us to take “Hey, We are Married” pictures at the Philbrook. I figured if someone else (a professional) took pictures of us maybe Brian would open his eyesor smile…or not get mad when I have to run to make it in the picture because of self timer.

Here are a few of my bridal pictures! I just love the backgrounds in all of them!

I hope your enjoying Spring as much as I am! (Except its kinda cold today)

Warning: This Post is Random

First of all…Yesterday was my ‘3 Years of Togetherness’ Anniversary. Brian said we aren’t supposed to count that anymore now that we are an old married couple…but I plan to keep track anyways πŸ™‚

It was also our 10 months of married life Anniversary!

Here is a little trip down memory lane…

On another note…

Give someone and Octopus Huge Today (they will never know what hit them…or jumped on them…well you get the point!)

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!

Mr. Colby

Over the weekend I took pictures of little Colby for his 1st Birthday (which is on April 1st!)

I did a little research before hand and saw that another photographer used either pink or blue balloons in their pictures. I decided to put a little twist on their idea and use a bunch of different colors!

Here is a sneak peak from our ‘photo shoot’

Isn’t he soooo cute?!?