Looking Back

I have been all by myself at work for most of the day. Sooo after stalking everyone on facebook…I decided to look at my own pictures from last year.

There are things that I thought I would never miss…but I do.

I miss running 26.2 miles. I miss the pain you get after…knowing that you worked really hard for something.

I miss school. I can’t believe I just said that!! But I miss the crazy deadlines..having 2 hours off in the middle of the day to spend outside…meeting new people.

I miss being freezing cold…and having nowhere to hide from it. I love camping..and climbing and discovering things. After this camping trip..where we BARELY made it in our tent before it started raining..and 10 of us snuggled up in one tent sleeping on the ground- it was awful…but I miss it!

I miss my ugly orange couch! It was a great college apartment couch…and even though it would look TERRRRRRRIBLE in my house..I sometimes miss it!

All these things I thought I didn’t like are moments/things  I will always cherish!




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