My Weekend

This weekend I went home to visit my parents and Brian’s mom! Since I have to work all  Spring Break (PAUSE FOR PITTY PARTY)  we decided to just go home for the weekend. My dad gave us a tour of his work (an electrical power plant)! Here are a few pictures…

We had to wear hard hats, glasses and ear plugs!

There are millions of pipes that do a million different things!

In front of the ‘Stack’ (don’t ask me what its for..or what it does)

I got a new camera a few weeks ago…and I haven”t got to use it and I was hoping to use it when we went home so I could take pictures of things like this! But it was raining…and I was too nervous that I would get it wet so I just used my old OLD old camera for this!

I hope your having a good Spring Break!!



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