Do What You Love

I was talking to my friend Nina this morning about photography. Some days I feel like I am really improving in my “skills” and other days I feel like I have gotten worse.  On days I feel like I have gotten worse I tend to put my camera in its ‘oh so cute camera bag’ and not touch it for a few days! I know…I know…that doesn’t make any sense…because if I wanted to get better…I should be out taking pictures of everything!


I love photography. I could stare at other people’s wedding pictures for hours. Its probably kinda creepy! 🙂 But as a result I read a lot of photography blogs . One photography blog I read today showed how they displayed their photos in their home. Next to some of the photos they had this hanging on the wall:

I just love this! I feel like this is a good reminder that if I continue working hard at what I love (even when I am feeling frustrated)…I can someday do what I love full time!

P.S. Last night I got to take pictures of my favorite little girl! Ill be back later with some pictures of her!


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