Jessi & Daniel

A couple of weekends ago I got to take pictures of Jessi & Daniel! They are planning  June wedding this summer! It was so much fun taking pictures of them, they are so sweet and you can tell how much they love each other!



This weekend Brian and I celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary!!

Brian got me these pretty flowers!! He got the from the same flower shop that did our wedding flowers, so they used the same flowers that were in my wedding bouquet….but not the same color!

Brian also wrote me this love note on my cereal box!! 🙂 It was a good way to start my morning!

Saturday night we had pizza from Mazzios! After we got married and drove to Tulsa for our wedding night we were SOOO hungry! There was a Mazzios right next to our hotel, so we decided to make it a tradition!

We ordered a small wedding cake to eat also! It was delicious! (and free!!!)

On our actual anniversary (May 22) we spent the entire day in Tulsa. We had lunch at the Cracker Barrell, went to the movies, went shopping and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (my favorite!!) Altogether…it was a perfect day!

A Wonderful Year in Review

I feel like I am obessing over our 1 Year Anniversary like the rest of the world obsessed over the Royal Wedding. But to me… it is that special!
Here is just a brief overview of our 1st year of marriage!
We started our marriage by going on an amazing honeymoon! We went on a 7 day/night cruise that took us to 5 different Caribbean islands! We got to see things like the Twin Petons, Airport Beach, Megan’s Bay, A black sand beach…and so much more! It was amazing.
We spent our summer going on weekend trips and spending time with OUR Sally dog!
Even though Brian didn’t ‘officially’ coach this year…I still got to be a part of the “coaches wives”! It was no longer “the coaches wives…and girlfriends”
My wonderful husband let me go to D.C. with my mom to visit my sister while he stayed at home and worked! 🙂
We had a perfect 1st Christmas together! We went to the Christmas Train, saw TONS of Christmas lights and spent Christmas with our families!
We spent new years eve with our good friends, the Weavers! We just stayed up til midnight and played board games and laughed until it hurt!
We continued to go on weekend road trips!
My wonderful husband SPOILED me by getting me a brand new camera and computer and the cutest camera bag EVER. He is constantly encouraging me to do what I love, which is photography. My husband is such a blessing!
And here we are…1 year later! Married and happy as can be! Married life is truly a blessing! I wouldn’t change a single thing!!

Anniversary Week, Pt. 2

Just 3  more days until my 1 year anniversary!!

I am so sad I won’t be able to say I ‘just’ got married anymore!

It just seems crazy that a year ago I was doing last minute preparations for my wedding.

We had several showers! These girls hosted my Stillwater shower.

The weekend before our wedding we had a shower in Nowata!

I spent the last few days before our wedding making these shirts and baskets for my bridesmaids!

And of course….got ready for the rehearsal!

Today I picked up a cake for us to eat on our anniversary! We didn’t save our top tier because neither of us wanted to eat year old cake!!! Its is really cute…and I will post a picture later!

Cute As A Button…or Puppy!

So most of you know that Sally is basically our child and we think she is the greatest  (well we KNOW she is the greatest!)

Well my parents dog just had puppies…so what a great time to give Sally a sister to play with, and teach the new puppy how to be as awesome as she is!

Aren’t they just the cutest things ever?!? We haven’t picked ours out yet, but we are so excited!!

Anniversary Week

It is my anniversary week!! It is hard to believe that I have been married for an entire year (well almost!!)

So just a warning…this week’s posts will probably be cheesy/sappy!

Not only is Sunday our anniversry though, it is the last day that our good friends the Felkers, will be living in Stillwater! Jay Felker (the youth pastor at our church) was our Pastor at the wedding! So it is sad to see them go! is a cute story about Brian & I!

In December 2007, my life group went on a mission trip to Mexico and Brian decided to come too! We discovered that our parents lived only 10 minutes away from each other, so we decided that Brian would come pick me up on his way to meet with the rest of the group before we left…..sooo after we got back from the trip (none of us had showered in a couple of days and Brian’s mom’s shower wasn’t working) so he came to my parents house and took a shower. Of course, Brian can talk anyone’s ear off…so he ended up staying for a few hours just talking to my parents! I barely even knew the guy! SOOOO…after Brian left and I went to my room my dad asks my mom “Is Emily dating him?” My mom says “NO!! She just met him..she barely knows him!” My dad says “Well…he is perfect for her.” (did I tell the story right MOM?!?)


Well I think he was perfect for me! It was been such an amazing year full of blessings!

Girls Night

Tonight is GIRLS NIGHT! Also 1 year ago this weekend was my Bachelorette party!! Most of the girls that are going to girls night were at my party! Here is a little trip down memory lane 🙂

I love these girls!!

These were my wonderful hosts!!


They sent me on a scavenger hunt!

I got handcuffed by a cop! (Don’t worry mom…they asked him to do it!)

I had to get proposed to!

I had to find a bald guy, a guy with a beard and mustache!

I had to practice walking down the isle!

I also had to ask a married couple for advice. They told me not to get married! haha

It was a fun night! Can’t wait to spend time with my girls today!