My Mom

Mother’s Day is almost here! I made the mistake a few years ago of giving my mom a pretty awesome Mother’s Day present. This is a problem because now I can’t top it! Oh well… 🙂
Here are a few reasons why I have the best MOM in the world!
For starters…if it wasn’t for my MOM…I wouldn’t even be there!!(Wasn’t I cute??) 😉
My MOM ALWAYS lets me pick as many strawberries from her garden as I want…because she knows they are my favorite!
My MOM came and watched me run my  full marathon! And afterwords…when I couldn’t even walk, (or move)  she basically carried me to my car! 🙂

Because of my MOM (and dad too…but we are focusing on my mom here!) I graduated college 100% debt free!!
Because of my MOM…I didn’t have to worry about anything concerning my wedding! She spent 5 months making decorations, planning and doing anything I needed her to!! (Thanks Mom!!)
For my birthday, my MOM took me to D.C. with her to visit my sister! We had so much fun!
Just last weekend my MOM and dad came and watched Brian and I run in the Marathon Relay. It was cold, wet and miserable…but they still came to watch us!
But most of all…it is because of my MOM that I grew up in such a great and loving Christian home. Thanks for being the best MOM ever!!
I love you!!! 🙂

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