Anniversary Week

It is my anniversary week!! It is hard to believe that I have been married for an entire year (well almost!!)

So just a warning…this week’s posts will probably be cheesy/sappy!

Not only is Sunday our anniversry though, it is the last day that our good friends the Felkers, will be living in Stillwater! Jay Felker (the youth pastor at our church) was our Pastor at the wedding! So it is sad to see them go! is a cute story about Brian & I!

In December 2007, my life group went on a mission trip to Mexico and Brian decided to come too! We discovered that our parents lived only 10 minutes away from each other, so we decided that Brian would come pick me up on his way to meet with the rest of the group before we left…..sooo after we got back from the trip (none of us had showered in a couple of days and Brian’s mom’s shower wasn’t working) so he came to my parents house and took a shower. Of course, Brian can talk anyone’s ear off…so he ended up staying for a few hours just talking to my parents! I barely even knew the guy! SOOOO…after Brian left and I went to my room my dad asks my mom “Is Emily dating him?” My mom says “NO!! She just met him..she barely knows him!” My dad says “Well…he is perfect for her.” (did I tell the story right MOM?!?)


Well I think he was perfect for me! It was been such an amazing year full of blessings!


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