A Wonderful Year in Review

I feel like I am obessing over our 1 Year Anniversary like the rest of the world obsessed over the Royal Wedding. But to me… it is that special!
Here is just a brief overview of our 1st year of marriage!
We started our marriage by going on an amazing honeymoon! We went on a 7 day/night cruise that took us to 5 different Caribbean islands! We got to see things like the Twin Petons, Airport Beach, Megan’s Bay, A black sand beach…and so much more! It was amazing.
We spent our summer going on weekend trips and spending time with OUR Sally dog!
Even though Brian didn’t ‘officially’ coach this year…I still got to be a part of the “coaches wives”! It was no longer “the coaches wives…and girlfriends”
My wonderful husband let me go to D.C. with my mom to visit my sister while he stayed at home and worked! 🙂
We had a perfect 1st Christmas together! We went to the Christmas Train, saw TONS of Christmas lights and spent Christmas with our families!
We spent new years eve with our good friends, the Weavers! We just stayed up til midnight and played board games and laughed until it hurt!
We continued to go on weekend road trips!
My wonderful husband SPOILED me by getting me a brand new camera and computer and the cutest camera bag EVER. He is constantly encouraging me to do what I love, which is photography. My husband is such a blessing!
And here we are…1 year later! Married and happy as can be! Married life is truly a blessing! I wouldn’t change a single thing!!

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