Sisterly Love

This weekend I also took pictures for my good friend Megan and her sisters! They plan to give these to their mom for her birthday! What a great idea!



This weekend was jam packed! I coordinated a wedding, threw a couples shower, went to a birthday dinner, got really sick, and did two photo shoots!

I took tons of pictures…but here are some Bridal pictures I took. For my Wedding Photography class we are supposed to take some bridal pictures. I recruited two people to be my models. First off, Kira. At first she didn’t understand why I would want HER to model for me! But I think these pictures show why, she is gorgeous! (P.S. she did her own hair…and it took her maybe 2 minutes to fix it?)

Rusty Barrell

So if you read my last post, you heard about our ‘Supper Club’!
Basically our friend John & Nina, Brian and myself will go to a unique restaurant we have never been to before and critique it!
So first up:
The Rusty Barrell
(Brian & I in front on the Rusty Barrell)
As you can see in the picture, the restaurant is in an alleyway. When you first drive up, you can barely see where it is. Once you get out of your car you walk down an alleyway until you find a door. When you get to the door you will see a doorbell, you have to ring the doorbell and a host will open the door for you and invite you in. When you first walk in you immediately see the grill. They cook all their meats in the middle of the restaurant! I didn’t post pictures of the inside…because I didn’t want to ruin the excitement for you!
So lets get to business:
The menu is small, but everything on the menu is delicious. 
Salad Bar: The Salad bar is huge! They offer a variety of things to put on your salad served on ice-cold plates! 
Steaks: They offer different steaks; Ribeye’s, KC Strip, Filet’s as well as chicken and lobster. The steaks are so tender and juicy. They fresh, never frozen, aged to perfection before being cooked!
Sides: Each steak comes with a baked potato, which is also very good. Each table also gets a small loaf of bread. The bread is homemade and is absolutely wonderful. 
I give the Rusty Barrell ***** 5 stars for food, service and atmosphere! You should try it!
Here is their website:
Like I said, this was my first “Supper Club” crituque….so bare with me…they will get better!


Life has been a little bit crazy recently. Wedding season is starting (I am the wedding coordinator at church!!) which means my weekends are about to be full for the next few weeks. This past weekend was extra busy but a lot of fun!

I started my saturday taking pictures of these kids! They are so cute and it has been fun watching them grow.

 It was so windy…and the balloons were blowing everywhere!

Isn’t this so sweet?

After I took these pictures…I ran home, uploaded them, deleted them from my camera and headed to my FAVORITE 1 year old’s birthday party!

She wasn’t too excited about diving into her cupcake.

Not really sure which dance move Baby E was trying to do….but she sure is cute!

Sunday I spent the day recouping/cleaning! 

Last night (Monday) we went to dinner with our friends to the Rusty Barrell in Ponca City. It is the best little hole in the wall steak house! AND this week was their 35th anniversary so everyone got free dessert and 10% off! 

We decided to start our own supper club, eating at a new place every other Monday and critiquing it! Who knows…maybe someday we will get paid to travel all over at eat at these places? 

So watch for my next post… first critique (don’t worry they will get more exciting!)