San Diego

The first place we went on our trip was San Diego!!
The first day in San Diego was spent at Sea World! It was so much fun. The weather was perfect and they shows were a lot of fun!
We went to a dolphin show, the Shamu show (thats Shamu above!!) and a Cirque de sole show that was in the ocean!
The second day we went to the San Diego Zoo. Brian has talked about this Zoo since I first met him. I thought “What could be so exciting about a Zoo?” But actually….it was exciting! There are tons of different animals and the exhibits were really huge!
This is Lola. Her trainers let her out of her cage to do a little flying….but she got too excited and started flying all over the place. We stood in the street and watched her for about 30 minutes while her trainer tried to get her to come back.
Next to the zoo is Balboa Park! We went there and walked around and saw all the old buildings and trails.
In Balboa Park there is the biggest outdoor organ in the U.S…..or maybe even the world? Anyways you can barely see in this picture but a guy was playing it!
One evening we went and walked on the beach while watching the sunset. It was actually really cold!
We had a ton of fun in San Diego! It may have been my second favorite place on our trip! 🙂

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