Ok…back to talking about my FABULOUS vacation!

The second place we went was to LA. It was probably my least favorite place…but I still had fun!

We went to the Hollywood walk of fame. It was HUGE…miles and miles long!!

This was in front of the Chinese Theatre.

We went to Rodeo drive and walked PAST all the shops. I am pretty sure they wouldn’t even let me in….thats how fancy they were.

We went to Malibu and layed out at Zuma Beach!

We visited Pepperdine University in Malibu. It was so pretty…and EXPENSIVE. Guess how much it costs to go there 1 year?

This is the view from the dorms at Pepperdine!

And of course…you can’t go to LA without finding the Hollywood sign! This is the closest LEGAL point to the Hollywood sign! We drove to the entrance to the road that takes you up to the sign….but you can’t cross the fence without getting shot :/


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