Yosemite was probably my FAVORITE place to go on vacation!!

1. It was beautiful!!

2. It is so fun to hike and explore!!

3. How could ANYONE not believe in God after seeing all this beautiful stuff!!

ANYWAYS- Here are some pictures from Yosemite

This is Bridalvail Falls! We were soaking we standing so close to the bottom of the fall.

This is us in front of Yosemite Falls. It is the tallest waterfall in the nation!!

This is Vernal Falls. You have to climb up ‘Mist Trail’ for about 2 miles….straight uphill on wet rocks! We later found out that on average, 12 people a year die here….

The view from the TOP of the waterfall…you can BARELY see the rock trail on the left.

Behind us is Bridalvail falls again!

We are standing in front of the 5th biggest tree! It doesn’t look that big….but wait…

This is NOT the 5th largest tree….but a random tree that is much smaller. All 4 of us barely wrapped around half of the tree. IT.IS.HUGE.

At the top of Yosemite there was still a TON of snow that hadn’t melted from winter yet! They said that because of all the snow we had this past winter…the waterfalls are fuller than they have been in 20 years (or something like that)

Geez. Isn’t this amazing?

Like I said…this was my favorite thing we did on our 17 day vacation!!


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