The other morning I got up early to run. It was my official “first day of training” for a marathon we probably aren’t running anymore. I forgot how much I enjoy running in the morning. This aren’t to many things better than watching the sun rise.

I usually run with my iPod…but occasionally I run without it so I can just think and pray.

A few weeks ago my husband decided to make a priority list for the new ‘year’ (in our house…the beginning of school marks a new “year”.) I decided to make one also. I thought about what my priorities were….and what I wanted them to be while I was running.

Here is my “Priority List” (with things I want to do to make them a bigger priority)

1. God

         Read Proverbs everyday. Take a CBI class (Countryside Bible Institute). Pray daily. Pray for specific people on specific days (use my prayer journal)

2. Brian

           Plan a weekend trip. Have weekly date nights. Leave love notes around the house.

3. Family/Friends

           Contact an old  friend every week. Have Girls night at LEAST once a month. Go home to visit our parents more (start planning a weekend to go home)

4. Myself

            Start playing the piano again. Scrapbook again. Focus on photography….take more classes…read books. GO SHOPPING 🙂

5. Job/Finances

            Make a plan for our future. Decide what I TRULY want to do someday that I will love doing forever and ever! 🙂 Make financial goal #2.

I hopefully by posting my priorities….I will actually…ya know….make them priorities? 🙂


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