Things I Adore

Back in February I wrote a post called “a few crushes I have”

Well its September now….a new season….which means new “crushes”

Here is a list of things I CURRENTLY adore!


I just LOVE this guy! I mean look at him….who wouldn’t?


I love these girls. Sally & Reece. They always make me smile….and are the best snugglers! (except when I wake up to  Reece sleeping on my head). And it doesn’t get much cuter than that!


This is my favorite little girl EVER! Her name is Baby E. This is her (today) on the first day of school! JUST LOOK AT THAT SMILE! (or whatever that is 🙂 )


I LOVE my “girls” and I CAN NOT wait until our girls night this weekend!


I love LOVE love this weather. It is perfect!


I love photography! I am excited to learn more, practice more and get better equipment this season!


Last week if you asked me what Pinterest was I would have given you a blank stare. Today…I am obsessed! I already have so many great ideas for gifts…crafts…photography….everything!! I LOVE IT!



Im sorry I don’t have a good picture of running. But I love doing it and this year I want to really challenge myself to do more races.


This is currently my drink of choice. Sweet tea from Starbucks! Tomorrow is Sweet Tea Thursday at my work…get EXCITED! 🙂


I have a TON more things I adore….but I can’t list all of them today. I feel like #10 should be the most exciting. So just go back to #1….because that one is my absolute favorite!



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