The Girls

I am like a proud mom. You know those moms who drive around with the bumper sticker “My kid is an honor student”….  Well I need one that says “My kid can sit and shake!”

I am THAT person who shows you every picture I have taken of my ‘kids’. The only problem….nobody really cares to look at pictures of my dogs. (aka kids)

Except my dad….he is worse than me. He goes around showing everyone pictures of his “grand kids” aka Sally & Reece.

Whats that you say? Show you a bunch of pictures of Sally and Reece cause your dying to see them? WELL ok then!!

Sally & Reece LOVE to run after each other! Or mainly Reece (the pup) likes to run after Sally.

Reece has discovered that her new favorite place to play is in our pond out back. If you look away for 5 seconds…she is already in the water playing around!

Isn’t she CUTE?!?

Sally loves to snuggle. And I guess if there is nobody to snuggle with….she will just work herself in-between the pillows!

You can barely tell she is there!

Remember when Reece was this tiny?

This was her this morning! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! She currently weighs about 25 Lbs (you will see why I am telling you in a second) oh and she chews up EVERYTHING! But we still love her!

This is Lily. Reece’s sister. She lives in Phoenix! She got to live with us for a few days before we “delivered” her on our vacation!

This is Maddi. She is Reece’s BIG sister. Look how HUGE she is!!

She is about 45 pounds! Thats 2 Reece’s!

Ok I will finally stop with the puppy pictures! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!!


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