Pinterist….My NEW Love!

I know I already said this…but I am in love with Pinterist! I was in Tulsa yesterday and realized I needed to get a hostess gift! So I just got on Pinterist on my phone…and searched ‘hostess gift’! There were ton of great ideas!!

Anyways….this weekend I got a little ‘Pinterist‘ happy!

I found this cute idea! (My friend Nina did this for her daughter!)  But I just so happened to need a gift of a friend who WAS (Baby A made her appearance on Sunday!) expecting! So here is my attempt….

I went to Hobby Lobby and found a good frame that would work for what I was wanting!

Of course….I HAD to paint it pink!

I hot glued the ribbon on!

Then…TA DA!! Just buy some cute bows and clip them on the ribbon!

Mine isn’t as cute as the picture from Pinterist! But I think they will like it! 🙂

I also made a card for my mom for her BIRTHDAY! I found this cute idea!

Isn’t this soo cute?!?

I just grabbed whatever buttons I had available and….

(Sorry for revealing your age mom!)


Have a great Tuesday…now go start ‘Pinning


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