10 Things That Make Me Happy

One of the blogs that I JUST LOVE did a post about ‘10 Things that Make Me Terribly Happy’

So I decided to make one too!

1. I just love coming home to Sally & Reece and seeing them get all excited just to see ME!

2. Celebrating my 1st year of blogging (Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary!!!)

3. I love Running/Training for this half-marathon! It makes me feel accomplished!

4. Going to the State Fair! I love all the TERRIBLE FOR YOU food that is oh so delish!

5. Eating at Hideaway several times a week just makes life better!

6. Discovering new ideas on Pinterist!

7. Making homemade cookies….especially sugar cookies! They are the BEST!

8. Watching the sun rise….getting up so early to run allows me to do that!

9. Going on “Sunday Drives” or anytime during the week! There is just something fun about driving around back roads!

10. FINALLY going home to see our parents!! (And I am really excited to see if Reecie Poo remembers her mom!!)

I hope you are having a FANTASTICAL Wednesday!!


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