Our Weekend Recap

This weekend Brian & I went home! We didn’t get to spend a lot of time just at “home” but it was still good to hang out with our parents and eat a nice home cooked meal!

On Saturday we went to the fair with the Weavers! This weekend was the sugar art show!

This was just a few of the cakes that I loved. They had over 100 decorated cakes and they were all really cool! But these 4 were  my favorite.

At the Tulsa State Fair we:

1. I had chocolate covered strawberries! (My favorite thing at the fair…for real.)

2. People watched

3. Watched John stop at EVERY “game booth” to try to win baby E a huge stuffed animal! (Don’t worry…he only played one game…but it was funny seeing him intrigued by every booth.)

4. Had funnel cakes, pizza and more!

5. HAD FUN!!

On Sunday after church and lunch with my parents, we went to Brian’s friends house (plus 20 acres) and had so much fun! We just drove around and explored their land and of course fished in their pond. WARNING: I am about to brag. I have NOT fished in probably 10 years?!? Well maybe not that long…but a LONG time. I am the ONLY person who has EVER caught a fish at their house since they bought it! Yep….I am kinda  a big deal……

I hope your weekend was as fun as ours!!


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