Since I have started training for the half-marathon I am tired ALL THE TIME!!

Last night Brian said, “Emily, your running is interfering with my social life” haha whatever.

Anyways…I took Reece & Sally to walk around Boomer on Monday. This was the first time Reece had ever walked that far….and she felt about the same that I have been feeling.

After she got done panting…..she did a little of this:

A few minutes after taking this picture…I heard a “THUD”. Reece had fallen off the chair in her sleep! 🙂

She is so cute! (Notice the sticks on the ground? That means Reece got into something!!)


Anyways (I know…this is random)


I have been in desperate need of new shoes….I have the worst blisters on my feet because of them.

Yep….It was definatly time to get new shoes!!

Happy Hump Day!


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