24 Things to do Before I Turn 25

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! I will be 24!

I know several different blog writers who make a list of things to do before they are X. So I decided I would make a list too!

So here are 24 Things to do Before I turn 25 (October 8, 2012)

1. Run a Half Marathon

2. Do a Sprint Triathelon

3. Photograph a Wedding

4. Master Photo Shop

5. Create an Etsy Site

6. Enroll in the New York Institute of Photography

7. Go on a Road Trip

8. Scrapbook our Summer 2011 Road Trip

9. Start a Supper Club blog

10. Learn to cook/ Cook more for myslef

11. Get in the best shape I have ever been in

12. Help start a photography club

13. Read the entire New Testament

14. Go camping

15. Go on a last minute weekend trip to a random city

16. Plant a small garden

17. Spend more quality time with our families

18. Ride my bike more consistantly

19. Read 2 books (I never read…so thats a lot)

20. Play the piano again

21. Visit my Sister in Virginia

22. Start selling homemade cards

23.  Save Money…work on the next step in Dave Ramsey’s baby steps.

24. Be the best wife a husband could ask for!


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