Birthday Weekend

I had the PERFECT birthday weekend!

Friday at work the girls threw me a “surprise” party (NOTE: IT is NOT a surprise…but JB thinks it is…even though we do it for everyone’s birthday…every…single…year)

They made brownies, brought fruit, ice-cream and made a card!

The girls also got me some GORGEOUS flowers!


Friday I had dinner with the girls at PF Changs.

And of course….no birthday is complete without an Octopus Hug.

And of course…a Great Wall of Chocolate.


On Saturday, I woke up and ran my 8 miles…then later went to Tulsa to eat at the Cheesecake Factory with the Weavers!!

And of course we had cheesecake!


Sunday we had lunch at…..guess where….

HIDEAWAY! and Dessert at MarbleSslab (to celebrate Brian’s secretary and I’s birthdays!)


AND we did the same on Monday with our friends Brittany and Will!

I hope your weekend was as FABULOUS as mine!!

(P.S. Sorry Brit…this isn’t going to take you 5 minutes to read!) 🙂


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