My Weekend According to Instagram

My weekend didn’t really start until Saturday evening! I had to coordinate a wedding on Saturday AND run 10 miles.

I am over half way done with training!!

After running and the wedding, me and the girls left for Talala/Nowata

Reece slept the entire way!!! (Isn’t she cute?!?)

The first night we stayed at Brian’s mom’s house! She has a lot of cool stuff in her house. One room is completely decorated in old sporty memorabilia!

Even though I have been in this room 100 times, this time I found this really cool old camera!! Too bad it doesn’t work…

Reece made a new friend!! She couldn’t stop staring and Brian’s mom’s cat! 🙂

We had dinner at my parents house and mom made Wendy’s frosties (thank you Pinterist!!!!)

Brian had to go back to Stillwater Sunday night….so I stayed one more night with my parents!

Monday we ate at this CUTE little ‘Tea & Sand which’ place called “The Pink House”

I LOVE going here when I come home!

Finally it was time to head home to Stillwater!

And as I mentioned before….here is a little of our fall decor!

Have a FANTASTIC Tuesday!!


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