My First Wedding….as a photographer :)

For the last few years I have been obsessed with wedding photography. I look at wedding blogs and stare at photographers blogs/websites every day! It is a dream of mine to be a wedding photography someday.

During 2011 I had 2-3 inquiries from couples about me being their wedding photographer. Each time I would get super excited for the chance to photograph a wedding….then it would fall through. Whether it was someone just looking for a freebee or decided to go another route! I started to get frustrated, maybe I wasn’t meant to be a wedding photographer? What if nobody ever decided to take that leap and use me even though I had never done a wedding before!?!?

(Ok….I will stop being dramatic)

Anyways….one day my friend Caitlin asked me to take her and her fiance’s engagement pictures!! (Remember them?)

So during their photo shoot caitlin says “So Emily….I don’t want you to feel pressured…and you can think about this before you commit but would you like to be our wedding photographer?”

I think my response was “OF COURSE!!!!!! I DON’T EVEN NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT!!!”

So after much preparation, lots of research and practice I rented the equipment I needed and headed to Edmond on Saturday for the big day!

Brian came to be my second shooter. I think he had as much fun as I did! I took over 1,000 pictures (so I will be editing them for the rest of my life!) 🙂 The day went perfectly. My equipment worked perfectly, there were no last minute crises and it was very relaxed! Caitlin and Ryan were the PERFECT first bride and groom to work with…and I mean that whole heartedly!

I don’t think Caitlin knows how grateful I am that she allowed me to be a part of her big day. Not only did I get to share this day with good friends but I am now able to say I am a wedding photographer!!

I haven’t had time to edit many pictures…but here are a few sneak peaks from her big day!

4 pictures down…..only 996 left!!



One thought on “My First Wedding….as a photographer :)

  1. EMILY!!! This is awesome!! We absolutely LOVED having you as our photographer. You were perfect AND the pictures are perfect too!!

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