Cards and such…

I get SOOO excited when I see clients (my friends) send cards with pictures I took on them! I know I have done my job if they are proud enough of the photos to send them to family and friends! Here are a few (via my iPhone) cards I have received with pictures I have taken!

This wedding announcement was the first one I received! I am pretty sure I did a happy dance in my kitchen when I opened this in the mail! 🙂

I took some engagement pictures for Stacey and Brit just to test out my new lens! Luckily my new lens is GREAT and she decided to use one of the photos for this save the date!

I took lots of family pictures for Christmas. This family is so great (I am kinda in love with Henry, the big brother)! I was so excited when I got this card with the family pictures I took!

I love this baby announcement for many reasons! 1. Its pink (who doesn’t like pink) 2. Its animal print….and if you know this baby’s mama then you know this is PERFECT! 3. I just think this baby is soo soo precious! Especially with those wings on her back!

Well that is all for now! Happy Wednesday Y’all!


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