Ice Cream and The Park

Yesterday was so nice out! (well at first). So as soon as I got off work I took the girls to the park, and took my camera to get a few (Reece Running at me and if I don’t stand up fast enough she will plow me over) pictures!

After I got done with my girls Bible study last night, Brian and I decided to make Ice-Cream!

We got an Ice-Cream maker for Christmas and FINALLY decided to use it! It was SOOO good! Brian even said it was the best Ice-Cream he had EVER HAD! EVER!!

(our ice cream maker)

(turning the mixture)


happy friday! 🙂


200,000 Miles

We did A LOT of driving this weekend. Brian mentioned that my car was getting pretty close to 200,000 miles! I haven’t been paying attention but of course I had to make sure I took a picture of my miles! I mean how many people do you know that have a car that got to 200,000 miles?!?

All day yesterday I was keeping a close eye on my mileage because I WAS SO CLOSE!! Brian and I got to church last night, and as we pulled into the parking lot my odometer said 199,999. REALLY?!? Well I couldn’t go inside knowing that…so we drove around the parking lot for another mile in the gravel lot going back and forth, back and forth (anyone watching us had to think we were crazy or about to do donuts in the parking lot) until it turned to 200,000! We were like two kids in a candy store…we start screaming, high five-ing each other!This is why I love my husband…he gets excited with me about the small things in life! 🙂


p.s. don’t forget to get sweat tea! it will be the highlight of my day!

How Could I Forget….

I completely forgot to add this to my weekend recap post from earlier today!


I won a blog giveaway!! I never (and I mean NEVER) win anything!

The blog I Heart Cuppy Cakes was having a giveaway. It was about saving time, all you had to do was tell what you do to save time!This was my comment:

so Saturday morning I get a text from my friend, Nina, (at 7:00 am by the way ON A SATURDAY!!!!!!!) telling me I won!!!!!!

So what did I win you ask?!?

How cute is this!! You know what this means? No more cupcakes catching on fire in my oven!! 🙂

A Jam Packed Weekend

Just a warning, this post is going to have A LOT of pictures! 🙂

My weekend (which kinda started on Thursday) has been jam packed! Lots of exciting things which made the weekend go by WAY to fast.


Thursday Night we went to the George Strait concert. Martina McBride opened up for him! They were both AMAZING!


Friday I went to dinner with Nina and Baby E! (But I didn’t take any pictures)


Saturday Brian and I went to a surprise engagement party for our friend Garrett and his now fiance Rachel! He went all out! I will just let you see for yourself….

Congrats Garrett & Rachel!!!


On Sunday we celebrated Alyssa’s birthday by going to dinner and the Thunder game! It was so much fun!

then of course we had to do an Octopus Hug!


We also made time to take the girls to the park on Sunday!


Monday I went to Tulsa and go my hair cut and saw my friend Emily!! Then came home and went to visit Brittany!

If you read Brittany’s blog you know that her hair is starting to fall out. It has been pretty hard on her and was given the advice to go ahead and shave her head, so we took a picture before she did that! She has been so strong throughout this whole experience!

(If you want to read her blog you can do so here)

We also went to Hideaway last night with our friends Lindsey and Michael!

It has been a GREAT weekend!!

Happy Tuesday!


There are a few things helping me get through this not-so-fun, eventful, drama filled work day.

1. Sweet Tea Thursday2. My girls (Sally is camera shy….really. Anytime I get my phone or camera out she turns the other way)

(isn’t she the cutest PUPPY ever?)

3. My VDay Flowers. They are still on my desk and I just love looking at them!

4. Tonight….I can’t wait!!

I hope you are having a happy Thursday!!

Cox Wedding

I know, I know….its been over a month since Caitlin & Ryan’s wedding! But I am finally getting around to posting more photos!

My original plan was to only post 20 photos on my facebook group but I got too excited and posted 75! I got scolded by my husband…but I though oh well…its my first wedding…let me make mistakes! 🙂

So here are a few of my favorites!

(P.S. I finally figured out how to “stamp” my name on the photo with out typing it out every time!!!!)