Wish List

So my husband and I have a bet. He reads the ENTIRE Bible before May 23rd (the last day of school)….if he fails I get to go on a $1,000 shopping spree! Yep you read that right….$1,000!!!!

My husband doesn’t know how to loss a bet….but lets get real…he doesn’t have time to read the entire Bible before then! So I have started making my wish list 🙂

Here are a few things I would will get when I win the bet!

Allora Handmade

I just love these necklaces!!

Toms Shoes

A girl can NEVER have enough Toms shoes!

The Vintage Pearl

I just love all of their jewelry! But especially this necklace…

New Lens

I want this lens so bad! It is next on my list!

These are just a few things on my wish list!



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