Favorite Things Party

 I really wanted an excuse to get a few girls together! So my friend Nina suggested a ‘Favorite Things Party!’

It was a lot of fun. Each girl brought 5 of their favorite thing. (5 of the SAME thing that is.) Each girl’s name was put in a bowl 5 times. So everybody left with 5 NEW favorite things!

I found several blogs that helped me get ideas for the party. I made these bags for everyone to take home their goodies in. I found the clipart “These are a few of my Favorite Things” online and glued them to the bags!

Last minute I found these cute bookmarks! (I will post a link later)

Everyone was require to bring their favorite dessert or appetizer…here are a few of MY favorites.

Nina made these YUMMY fruit heart shaped pizzas! They were DELISH!

Can I say the thing I brought was a favorite?!? I think I ate the most of these bad boys. They are so good….and addicting! You can find the recipe here.

Here is a list of what everyone brought!

Mini Spatula

Burts Bees Chapstick

Martha Stewart Magazine


Red Nail Polish

Mini Candles

And Marsha brought 5 different things on accident:

Socks, Stickers, Coffee, Pens, Twizzlers

The party was so much fun! Only thing we failed at….was NOT taking a picture together!



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