200,000 Miles

We did A LOT of driving this weekend. Brian mentioned that my car was getting pretty close to 200,000 miles! I haven’t been paying attention but of course I had to make sure I took a picture of my miles! I mean how many people do you know that have a car that got to 200,000 miles?!?

All day yesterday I was keeping a close eye on my mileage because I WAS SO CLOSE!! Brian and I got to church last night, and as we pulled into the parking lot my odometer said 199,999. REALLY?!? Well I couldn’t go inside knowing that…so we drove around the parking lot for another mile in the gravel lot going back and forth, back and forth (anyone watching us had to think we were crazy or about to do donuts in the parking lot) until it turned to 200,000! We were like two kids in a candy store…we start screaming, high five-ing each other!This is why I love my husband…he gets excited with me about the small things in life! 🙂


p.s. don’t forget to get sweat tea! it will be the highlight of my day!


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