Things I Currently LOVE

I love my new job.

I love getting off at 3:30.

I love taking the girls (sally and reece) to the park to play.

I love painting my nails red. 

I love a clean house.

I love the thought of having the summer off work.

I love seeing my husband excited about his new ‘business’.

I love being busy with photography.

I love getting flowers. 

I love that my strawberries are blooming.

I love vacuuming out my car (it makes it feel new).

I love running. 

I love my faithful hardworking husband. 

I am simply loving life right now!

Happy Tuesday!



Finally Free

Yesterday was my last day at Countryside. I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet….but I do feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I am happy to be closing the doors to this part of my life! If I learned anything through all this it would be give everything to God. I tried to control and fix the situation myself but as soon as I gave it all up and let God be in control everything fell into place perfectly! Monday I start my new job and the Junior High and I could not be more excited!!! To all of you who had to listen to me complain for the last year…thank you for putting up with me! 🙂

Aren’t these flowers great?!? Stacey got them for me for my last day!


Lately…(a little late)

Ok, Ok…so I have been MIA for a bit! But for the last 2 weeks my life has been a bit crazy! If you know me well, you know that I have been struggling with my job for quite some time now! Well I finally did something about it! I got a new one!!! But more about that later….here is what I have been up to…thanks to my iphone! 🙂

I organized a group of friends to go down to OKC and run in the Run Lucky race that help support Lymphoma Research!

Since the race is so close to St Patty’s Day the theme was green! (did you like our tights?)

This was the second race the three of us have done together…and we will be doing another in April! (PS when I say together….I don’t mean we actually ran side by side because my friend Lindsey is a BEAST and was the 5th girl to finish!!!! Me….well I will just say a was ‘a little ways’ behind her! 🙂 )

Last minute Brian decided not to run and just stay back and watch with Brittany and Will!

Brittany & I after the race! I was so proud of her to get out and walk around so much! I hope she knows that she is one of the strongest people I know! It was such a fun run…and hopefully next year Brittany, Mallorie and Sky can do it with us!

I won this cup-cake maker! It is so awesome!! It only takes 10 minutes and BAM the cupcakes are done! So I have been making a lot of cupcakes…which needs to stop!

We had girls night for Sarah’s birthday! It was so nice to catch up with the girls….I can’t wait till our Tea Party! 🙂

Its spring break…and while I have had to work…Brian has been able to spoil our pups! Isn’t this pathetic?!

Last Friday was our last day to work all together! Stacey found a new job and Danna decided to quit! So this week I have been working and training my replacement all by myself!

I took this picture with my phone…and I have to say im pretty impressed with my mad phone skills! (this flower is tiny!!) It is actually a weed im pretty sure…but I love it because it means Spring is RIGHT around the corner!

I am training for the OKC Half-Marathon…and so I have been running non stop. This was our 10 mile trail all across town last Sunday! Its crazy to think we ran to opposite sides of town!

FINALLY…the best thing that has happened to me in the last 2 weeks….

I am the NEW Guidance Secretary at the Junior High! 🙂

I start this coming Monday and I can’t wait! Everyone there is so nice, and I will have the same schedule as my husband = I HAVE THE SUMMER OFF!!!


Happy Thursday!!!


I got the opportunity to shoot a wedding on March 3rd! The bride and groom live in Washington DC and have very important jobs so they requested that I didn’t post any pictures of them. I was so disappointed because I was able to capture so pretty great moments from their big day! But I will respect their wishes! Here are a few detail shots from their wedding.

The bride and her friend put together this bouquet!

The wedding band with a blue stone is actually a ring the groom and given his bride before they were ever engaged! 🙂

Aren’t these shoes fabulous?!?

I had so much fun shooting this wedding! It was small and simple but perfect for them!

Madalee: 3 Months

This little girl is just too cute! I love getting to watch her grow!

Here are a few of my favorites from her 3 Month Session.

(Brooks did NOT want to be a part of this….obviously…this is the most decent picture we got of the two of them! As soon as they took off his cute little outfit…he wanted to sit on the couch next to his sis!)


A Wedding

This past weekend I was able to shoot another wedding! The couple was so fun and unique! I am busy editing pictures like crazy!

I won’t be able to post too many….but here is a sneak peak!

I am slacking on my blog posts…I am so sorry! It has just been so busy….but I am going to post later today the cutest 3 month old you have ever seen! 🙂

the FIX

Some of you may know that my photography idol is Jasmine Star! I adore her…her photos are amazing and she started her business a lot like I am trying to do with mine. Now she is so successful, she is one of the Top 10 Wedding photographer in the world, and a very good speaker. 

In January she announced she was doing a 12 city tour called “the FIX, conversations with Jasmine Star!” One of the locations was Dallas. As soon as I saw that I jumped up and down at my desk and IMMEDIATELY texted Brian telling him I HAD to go!! 

So finally, this past Wednesday I headed to Dallas (all by my lonesome) to go to the FIX


It was hosted at this trendy place called ‘The Apartment’



The room was filled with clear chairs, crystal hanging everywhere, and walls covered in mirrors. 


When I first got there, I looked immediately to my left and noticed a short line to meet JASMINE! So before finding a seat….I got in line! Since I didn’t have anything with me…I asked the girl behind me in line to take pictures!



I feel like I had 100 things I could have talked to her about…but then when you are in the moment you are like…uhhh…uhhhh…hi….uhhhh….hi…..but I managed not to make a COMPLETE fool of myself and started telling her about my 2nd wedding this weekend!


Im not gonna lie….I was so excited that I was just getting the chance to talk to her….that I don’t really remember what she even said to me! 🙂




After pictures she began her her presentation. 


Unfortunately…..because I opted to take a picture with Jasmine before finding a seat….I got stuck sitting in the very back….behind a huge column, so I didn’t get to “see” her speak. But thats ok….I got to meet her…and listen and that was perfect!

She talked a lot about how she grew her business and how she has become such a successful photographer. I can’t wait to implement some of her ideas into my own photography business!!