Workout/Dinner Board

Last week Brian mentioned that he needed a board with workout and dinner tabs to help keep him motivated to workout out and for us to eat at home! So he drew on a piece of paper what he wanted it to look like and BAM….I made it (because I am such a great wife…and I will take any chance I can get to go to hobby lobby)

Ta Da! Simple and to the point! One side is for workouts, and each time we do a workout or run we pin it at the bottom. The other side is for dinner, those are our options (don’t forget I have a very picky husband on my hands so our options are limited) and each time we eat one of the options we pin it at the bottom!

We stuck it in our ‘laundry nook’ right by the kitchen! We love it…but as you can tell I am the only won that has been working out/running! 🙂


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