Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

Today is my parent’s 32nd Anniversary!


Mom & Dad,

Thanks for being the best romodels a kid could ask for!

Thanks for having a strong Godly marriage, and for being an example for Brian and I.

Thank you for always providing for me, and never letting me worry about anything!

Thank you for being awesome!


My Weekend

We had a great weekend! Having Monday off was nice too, it felt like summer! Just a few long short days until our summer break officially starts!

Here is what we were up to this weekend, thanks to my iphone!

My weekend started off with this! My friend Alyssa (who is the greatest by the way) just drove up to my house and dropped off my favorite cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory!!!

On Saturday I hung out with my friend Katherine for her Batchlorette party! We had so much fun. We layed out on the ‘beach’ of lake Arcadia, went to a fun class, and then had chocolate fondue!

One Sunday, we went to my friend Brittanys! Brian fished, while I layed by the pool!

After that, we went home and cooked dinner on the grill!

Last night we made our summer to do list! So I decided to get all ‘Pinteristy’ and make this…

Have a GREAT Tuesday!

Let’s Go Shopping!

Remember the bet I had with my husband?

He had to read the ENTIRE Bible from Janurary until midnight May 23rd. Welp…he didn’t do it!! 🙂 I honestly think he was too busy with work, mowing, life to sit down and read several chapters a night! He did attempt it though!

However, I started making a wish list…a long time ago, of everything I would buy if I won! Brian says he would catch me looking at it like a kid looking at his Christmas list– So he didn’t want to see the disappointment on my face when he won!

Well however it happened, I WON! $1,000 shopping spree for ME!!!

And don’t worry…I already know exactly what I am going to buy!

Those are just a FEW things I have in mind….



Our Anniversary

 Since our anniversary landed on a Tuesday this year, we decided to celebrate a little early.

On Saturday we went to OKC and ate at BJ’s because we were craving a PAZOOKIE!

They are SOO good!

Brian ended up getting a really bad headache afterwards…so we just headed back home!

I realized last night that I hadn’t had time to make Brian a card yet! So I got on Pinterist and searched for a cute idea…and found this!

(well this is my version)

The one on pinterist was a little nicer…but Brian will never know! 😉

Tonight, we are going to eat dinner at Mazzios…yep you read that right…we are spending our anniversary at Mazzios! Why you ask? You can read about that here!

Have a GREAT Tuesday!

Time Flies…

Time flies when you are having fun. Brian and I just be having a TON of fun! I can’t believe its been 2 years since our wedding.

In the last year we have added to our family, Reece! Went on the most AMAZING road trip EVER with some great friends, I started a new job, Brian started a lawn mowing business and we gained and lost friends.

I think losing such a good friend has given Brian and I a new perspective on life. It is so short and precious, that we do not want to waste a single moment. I can’t wait for the many adventures Brian and I will have through out the next few years! I seriously can’t imagine what life would be like without him. He is so encouraging, he is my strength and my best friend.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Brian Warwick! I love you more than you could ever know.

Dear Garrett,

Sometimes I don’t think you realize how much a friend means to you, until they aren’t there anymore. I woke up Saturday morning thinking all was right in the world, then Brian called and told me you had died in a plane crash. I immediatly looked at your facebook and saw post after post after post. I couldn’t believe it was true. We were supposed to take your engagement pictures in a few weeks, we were supposed to have dinner together next week! But there is one thing I noticed reading those posts on your Facebook, every single person thanked you for the impact you had in their lives. Well now it is my turn to thank you. I sit here and try to think about how differently my life would be if you hadn’t been there.

I first met you in our life group and you organized a mission trip to Mexico. It was probably one of the best trips I have ever been on. Not only did all of us become extremely close, but I met my now husband on this trip. Sometimes I think, what if you hadn’t of organized this trip? Would I have met Brian? Would I have the friendships I have? So thank you, thank you for your passion for missions.

You took us to a resteraunt (aka a man cooking mystery meat on a concrete slab laying on the ground in the middle of nowhere) and I had the BEST tacos I have ever had in my entire life. Seriously. I also remember riding in the front seat with you….I thought you were going to kill us with all of your crazy weaving in and out of traffic. You looked at me and said “Let me guess…you don’t want to sit in the front anymore?”

After our trip to Mexico…we discovered we all had a passion for traveling and road trips! So of course we squeezed in as many as possible.


Disney World was probably my favorite! 🙂

You were always so proud of working out! So of course…you always struck a pose. (eye roll!)

I loved all of our adventures!

We rang in several New Years together!

And of course, ALWAYS cheering on the Cowboys!! GO POKES!!

When Brian and I decided to run a marathon…you came to cheer us on! You even stole Alyssa’s sign and pretended you made it yourself!

You were there to celebrate our engagement! I think you even told Brian “Good thing she is skinny…it makes the diamond look huge!!” 😉 Thanks Garrett!

You were an usher at our wedding, and right before you opened the doors so that I could walk down the asle you said “Ok Emily, this is your LAST chance to walk away and marry me instead!” We started cracking up…and my wedding coordinator had the most worried look on her face! She said “Don’t say that…that isn’t funny!!”

We asked you to give a speech at our wedding because you really know us. You were there when we first met, you were there for our courtship, and you were there for our engagement! I wish so badly I would have recorded your speech, because I honestly can’t remember all you said. I know you made a point to let everyone know I thought Brian was a creeper when we first met! Other than that, I just remember laughing. 🙂

I still have your text message. ‘Come this Saturday. I need you.’ So we came and I took pictures of your elaborate proposal! Rachel is one lucky girl.

Thank you for letting us be a part of this special time!

These are just a few of many memories we all shared together. As we drove through Tulsa yesterday I was reminded of so much.

I remember you constantly telling us “When you move to Tulsa soon we can….” , “So you guys are going to move to Tulsa pretty soon right?!” …etc.

I remember coming to class on my birthday, looking up and a picture of me asleep with my mouth open was on disply for the whole class to see. But I paid you back…didn’t I?!?

I remember all the times you came over and had Tacos with Brian & I. We were supposed to do that this month…but each week one of us had an excuse. I will forever regret those stupid excuses.

 I will think of you every time I see a red hummer. I am reminded of every ticket we got on our road trips, you trying to convince a cop that you didn’t see him wave you down after driving over a median.

I remember you always sat at our dining table sideways because you couldn’t look Sally in the face and not give her some of your dinner.

There are so many things I remember- I can’t remember, however what I was doing at 4:30pm on Friday. I think I was at home, but I can’t remember.

Thank you for being such a great friend to Brian and I. Our hearts are broken that you are no longer with us, but I am so thankful that we have all these memories to hold onto. I know you are in a better place.

See you soon.

A Photography Update

Yea yea yea….so I said I would update about all the photography I have been doing lately! But didn’t you see my busy post?!? So to compromise I will post just a few photos from eat photo-shoot I have done since my last photography post!


And thats all for now!

Have a GREAT weekend!