Busy Busy

To say I have been busy would be an understatement. I have finally settled into my new job, but not having Monday’s life means our house isnt always clean and laundry doesn’t always get done.

I have also been very busy with photography! Which has been so GREAT! I love taking pictures for friends but it is also exciting getting contacted by people I don’t even know! I feel like a legit photographer! 🙂

I hosted my 2nd Anual Tea Party! I just love decorating the house, having the girls over and eating dessert and tea! Id have to say it was a success! And of course…my husband stuck around long enough to take lots of pictures of us! 🙂 I plan to blog about the party…eventually.

Sally turned 8 on Monday! Or so we guess…we don’t really know how old she is…or when her birthday is…but when I started dating Brian I decided she needed a birthday! She got toys (that only lasted 2 days thanks to her crazy, nutto sister who started eating the stuffing) and a nice big dog bone and a trip to the park AND extra lovin’!

I only 1 more month of work until I have 2 MONTHS OFF FOR SUMMER! I am so excited to be able to travel to see my sister 🙂 clean house and maybe even a few crafts here and there!

If I was working at the church I would say its sweet tea Thursday! But I havent had sweet tea on a Thursday since I started the new job! But you should still go get yourself a sweet tea!



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