Happy Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day to the MOST AWESOME DAD around!!

(My dad is SOO awesome that he still pulls his 20(something) year old daughter around on a sled!!)

(Probably one of my favorite pictures ever!!)



Wedding Photography

This weekend I got to photograph a friend’s wedding! It was such and honor that she chose me to do her wedding! I also had my friend Julianna tag along to second shoot with me! She is doing her first wedding on her own this Friday…so it worked out perfectly!

I can’t wait to share the pictures!!!


Today was a day full of birthdays! I went to Baby E’s Birthday party, then went straight to our friend Sonya’s house to celebrate her twin daughters birthday! Then later in the afternoon I went to my friend Brittany’s to hang by the pool for her birthday!! (Disclaimer: when taking antibiotics and there is a warning to not stay in the sun…pay attention! I am so BURNED!)


Also, tomorrow I get to play wedding photographer!!! One of my favorite things 🙂

Summer (Day 2)

My second day of summer didn’t start out as I had hoped! For the last couple of weeks, I have had this weird red bump on my face so I decided to get it checked out! Turned out I had a Staph Infection on MY FACE! So for the next week I will be on antibiotics…and it makes me SO HUNGRY! I eat everything in site!!

Anyways…I did manage to sneak in a few fun things today!

Today I…


Went Shopping

Cleaned House

Went to the park (with Sally & Reece of course)

AND Did Yoga!!

First Day of Summer

Today was my first day of summer break!!! I actually got up just as early as I would have if I went to work! I finally got to go to Chemo with my friend Brittany! It was hard seeing her have to go through all that, but I am happy I was able to go!!

We celebrated my first day of summer by going to marble slab (of course) and now im home cheering on the THUNDER!!

This weekend I am photographing a wedding for a friend…and today the lenses I rented came in the mail!!!

It is HUGE!

The rest of the week will be filled with wedding photography research, laying out (if it ever stops raining) and some house cleaning!

Happy Wednesday….and THUNDER UP!!!

Anniversary Pics

I love pictures! I love taking them, being in them…whatever! My husband on the other hand, hates them! Taking a picture of him is like getting a bee sting. BUT he is awesome, and agreed that once a year we could get our pictures taken! Remember last year, our one year anniversary pictures by Andrea Murphy?

I loved them! But this year I decided to have someone different do them, just to get a different look, and also so I could get some new fresh photography tips for myself!

Well here ya go, our 2 Year Anniversary Pics!

(Thank you Pinterist for this CUTE idea!)

I just LOVE these purple flowers!

(I think this is my fav…but its so hard to choose!)

I asked our photographer if we could go here! Its my favorite place to take pictures for other people…so I thought we needed some here too!

Photos were taken by Jen Dillender…go check her out!