Bib Display

A few weeks ago I started turning our junk room into a craft/photography room! While cleaning I found all my bibs and medals just piled up.

so of course I got on Pinterist to find a cute way to display them! There is one thing you should know about me…when I have a craft idea…I have to do it RIGHT.THAT.SECOND! All the ideas that Pinterist gave me would have required a trip to Hobby Lobby! So I looked around the room and found this….

(I had already taken the dates off after Christmas!)

So I thought PERFECT!! and a few minutes later…

(I would like to point out that 5 bibs are mine…only 2 are Brian’s! 😉 )

If I run any other races, of course I will have to get something bigger…but for now (or until Christmas) this will work perfectly!


Photography To-Do

I had a huge long list of things to do this summer regarding my photography business. A few things were; master photoshop (have not done that…I’m not sure I will ever do that as often as it changes!), create a website (CHECK), take personal/bio photos (CHECK), blog more (not so much) and a few other things!

Yesterday morning, my photography friend Julianna and I decided to take a few pictures of each other for our websites, blogs, Facebook and whatever else! Here are a few of my favs!

A Little Adventure

There is only a few more weeks left until my summer break ends…and there are several things left on our summer to do list! Since we had the whole day to do anything we wanted…we headed to the Wichita Mountains!

We wanted to go to Meers for lunch…but the line was 2 hours long! So we just took a picture and called it good.

We hiked, rock climbed, swam and got to see buffalo and prairie dogs! Altogether…it was a great Saturday!!

Where I’ve Been…

Remember this Summer To Do List?

Well I have been busy checking things off this list! Too busy to blog….SORRY! 🙂

Here is a little recap of what I’ve been doing lately…thanks to my iPhone.

So after all that…our board now looks like this:

Still LOTS to do…and only 2.5 weeks left of summer!!!