Morning Runs

For the last few weeks I have consistently woken up at 4:50 to run before work (if that isn’t dedication…I don’t know what is!) It is still dark at 4:50…as you could have guessed, which means creatures are still out and about. Every morning I see at least 1 armadillo…sometimes 2 and on occasion…..A SKUNK! <– That will make you run fast.

Its funny what creeps you out when you run in the dark! (disclaimer: I almost always run with someone in the dark, so MOM…don’t worry). Hearing the wind in the trees magically sounds like someone hiding in the bushes when its dark. Another runner automatically looks like an axe murderer. And all the armadillos…well they are just creepy any time of day.

Moral of my longdrawnoutstory is that even though running in the dark is kinda creepy, it is so nice to get it over with before work!

Happy Weekend Ya’ll!

Oh…and GO POKES!!!!


One thought on “Morning Runs

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