The Weekend.

Yea yea…so it is halfway through the week and I am just now posting about my weekend! Its been busy!! This weekend was fun and crazy busy!

Friday night I spent the entire evening editing pictures while drinking my mom’s homemade hot chocolate!

Saturday morning I went to the Red Barn Sale with my friend Candace! IT WAS HEAVEN!! Seriously…I loved it! They had such great stuff…like old furnature, frames nick-nacs!

I got some good stuff! A frame, an old window…and this cute sign!!

I love these girls so much! I cherish our nights we spend together, catching up on each other’s lives…celebrating new beginings! 🙂

As you already read…my mom’s birthday was Sunday! So Brian and I drove to Tulsa to have lunch with my parents!!

That afternoon we took Sally and Reece to the park!!

(This might be a framer!)

Happy Hump Day Ya’ll!


Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to:

The the mom who bakes you a chocolate cake when you come home for the weekend.

To the mom who will make and mail you a card just because.

To the mom who will make you homemade salsa because she knows you love it.

To the mom who watches your children (aka dogs) because you have a busy weekend.

To the mom who stand is the freezing cold rain just to watch you run a leg of a race.

To the mom to know when I need a shoulder to lean on and when I need space.

To the mom who is addicted to Pinterist just as much as I am.

To my biggest fan and supporter…




Oh man…I just need a weekend to do NOTHING! But that probalby won’t happen for a few months! We are so busy busy! (Its our own fault…so we can’t complain TOO much!)

Yesterday Alyssa texted me and asked if Brian and I wanted to see Dave Ramsey for FREE! Well…duh! Who would pass that up? So as soon as Brian got off work we went straight to OKC to see Dave. It was really great! While we were there I ran into my Aunt and Uncle and my Cousin and his wife! I haven’t seen them…since…I can’t even remember! It was so nice to see them!!

We didn’t get home until 11:30 or so…so I am beyond tired today! Thank goodness it is FRIDAY!

I just adore the aids that are in our office. There are days where I have flash backs from my 8th grade days…sometimes things never change! A few interesting points from out aids this week:

Brian and I are the CUTEST couple. And if I were to ever be in a crowd and shout “HEY GUYS, I NEED A BOYFRIEND” My 6th hour aid would point Mr. Warwick out to me cause we just ‘go together’.

If you add the number 5000 behind your name (example: Ms. Emily 5000) that makes you cool, more popular and just plain awesome.

Regarding my future job…my aids thing I should be Ms. Emily, Guidance Secretary for the REST OF MY LIFE!

And yesterday…one of our aids from last year stopped by! We asked her what she was up to and she said “I’ve just had a long day, so I wanted to come in here because you always make me feel better” 🙂

I just love them.


I have been so blessed with my photography lately! (Minus my nightmare last night…where I ruined a friends wedding….) I have had several sessions so I have LOTS of pictures to edit! I mean LOTS!!!!!

Here is a sneak peak of a two that I am working on:

If you want to see more…keep an eye out on my photography blog! I will be posting more there soon!!


Busy Busy

Can I take a nap? Is that too much to ask?!? I AM SO TIRED!!!

Life has been…well…eventful! I have been staying busy with photography!!  I am currently working on wedding photos, a senior session and a newborn session!!

Last night while Brian was at his softball games…I edited pictures non stop!! Eventually I just started going crosseyed so I stopped!

So you say that isn’t very eventful…try this. On Sunday our Senior pastor resigned. Oh so did our music pastor….OH and our administrative pastor. On Monday (or Tuesday…my days are starting to run together at this point) our youth and college pastors resigned. On Tuesday our Childrens coordinator resigned!

If that is crazy I don’t know what is. Who knows what the future entails at Countryside!

Anyways….Happy Hump Day!!!

About a month ago my friend Amy got married!! Our friendship is kinda unique, we met because she started dating one of my good friends from high-school. We immediately hit it off and eventually became roomates here in Stillwater! Eventually she broke up with that boyfriend, started dating Josh…and well the rest is history!

I was so excited she asked me to be in her wedding (Well actually she didn’t ask, she just said “Can you come to Tulsa tomorrow to try on a Bridesmaids dress?”

Anyways, here are a few pics from both of our weddings!

Adventures In Running

Remember my post about morning runs?

This morning was pretty interesting. Actually this week has been interesting. Wednesday, I get up at 4:50- get dressed- put on my running shoes- and BAM it starts raning and lightening. No problem, I will go back to bed and just skip my run and work out after work. After work I go to the doctor (for my face) and I wait in the lobby for 45 MINUTES…so I was extrememly late for my workout. FAIL.

Today…my running/workout partner meets me at my house for our run. We start running and soon enough I see lightening. We decided its far enough to keep going. We continue to run…and BAM…there is a skunk. So naturally we run the other direction only to see lots more lightening. So we decided to only run far enough that if it started to rain bad we could run back to my house pretty quickly. As we continue to run ANOTHER Skunk starts making his way towards me. I stop in my tracks and litterally yelled to Katherine “WHAT DO I DO?!?”

So after some dodging, running and panicing….we finished our run! 🙂

On top of all this my allergies are AWFUL!!! I can barely breath and do anything else at the same time…so how I managed to run…I don’t know.

A post without pictures…is…well..boring! So here are sally and reece, doing what I wish I was doing RIGHT THIS SECOND!

We Survived the Weekend!

This weekend was soooo sooo busy but sooo much fun! Our good friends Nathan and Candace stayed with us, we went to the lake and Brian and I photographed a wedding together!! Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the wedding!

It has become a tradition to take this picture at every wedding.

Brian Snapped this of me during the ceremony!

I am pretty sure I have the best looking second shooter out there.

Our dear friends Drew and Kristan were a part of the wedding! It made it extra fun to have them there…this picture pretty much describes our friendship! 🙂

It was a very long and tiring day…but so much fun to do it together!