Adventures In Running

Remember my post about morning runs?

This morning was pretty interesting. Actually this week has been interesting. Wednesday, I get up at 4:50- get dressed- put on my running shoes- and BAM it starts raning and lightening. No problem, I will go back to bed and just skip my run and work out after work. After work I go to the doctor (for my face) and I wait in the lobby for 45 MINUTES…so I was extrememly late for my workout. FAIL.

Today…my running/workout partner meets me at my house for our run. We start running and soon enough I see lightening. We decided its far enough to keep going. We continue to run…and BAM…there is a skunk. So naturally we run the other direction only to see lots more lightening. So we decided to only run far enough that if it started to rain bad we could run back to my house pretty quickly. As we continue to run ANOTHER Skunk starts making his way towards me. I stop in my tracks and litterally yelled to Katherine “WHAT DO I DO?!?”

So after some dodging, running and panicing….we finished our run! 🙂

On top of all this my allergies are AWFUL!!! I can barely breath and do anything else at the same time…so how I managed to run…I don’t know.

A post without pictures…is…well..boring! So here are sally and reece, doing what I wish I was doing RIGHT THIS SECOND!


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