Oh man…I just need a weekend to do NOTHING! But that probalby won’t happen for a few months! We are so busy busy! (Its our own fault…so we can’t complain TOO much!)

Yesterday Alyssa texted me and asked if Brian and I wanted to see Dave Ramsey for FREE! Well…duh! Who would pass that up? So as soon as Brian got off work we went straight to OKC to see Dave. It was really great! While we were there I ran into my Aunt and Uncle and my Cousin and his wife! I haven’t seen them…since…I can’t even remember! It was so nice to see them!!

We didn’t get home until 11:30 or so…so I am beyond tired today! Thank goodness it is FRIDAY!

I just adore the aids that are in our office. There are days where I have flash backs from my 8th grade days…sometimes things never change! A few interesting points from out aids this week:

Brian and I are the CUTEST couple. And if I were to ever be in a crowd and shout “HEY GUYS, I NEED A BOYFRIEND” My 6th hour aid would point Mr. Warwick out to me cause we just ‘go together’.

If you add the number 5000 behind your name (example: Ms. Emily 5000) that makes you cool, more popular and just plain awesome.

Regarding my future job…my aids thing I should be Ms. Emily, Guidance Secretary for the REST OF MY LIFE!

And yesterday…one of our aids from last year stopped by! We asked her what she was up to and she said “I’ve just had a long day, so I wanted to come in here because you always make me feel better” 🙂

I just love them.


I have been so blessed with my photography lately! (Minus my nightmare last night…where I ruined a friends wedding….) I have had several sessions so I have LOTS of pictures to edit! I mean LOTS!!!!!

Here is a sneak peak of a two that I am working on:

If you want to see more…keep an eye out on my photography blog! I will be posting more there soon!!



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