2012 Resolutions

I decided to go back and see what my ‘new year resolutions’ were this year! I don’t think I have looked at the list since I made it back in January.

1. Get in Shape (duh)

I kinda got in shape this summer….then fall hit…and now I am way out of shape!

2. Save Money….like crazy.

I have saved money…but not tooo crazy!

3. Be more fashionable (aka…wear less sweat pants out in public)

I am not saying I am fashionable….but I made more of an effort this year! Baby steps people.

4. Buy fancy heals that I will probably only wear once a year.

5. Run a half-marathon

I ran two of them!!

6. Create a Crafty/Mancave

We sold our chairs upstairs and I turned it into a photography craft room…so I halfway did this!

7. Check off some things on my “24 before 25” list!

I ran a half-marathon, do a sprint tri, photograph a wedding, go on a road trip, get in shape (which I kinda did this summer…then stopped), visit my sister in virginia!

Now I have to figure out what I want to tackle in 2013! What is on your list?


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